Protocols & Reagents


We have deposited many of the lab’s detailed protocols on Protocols.IO at

Some of the most popular protocols are

Example T7E1 digestion (treated vs untreated) for thirteen genes that were targeted with the Cas9 RNP. These results are representative for a larger set of 200 genes targeted in this experiment.

Reagents and Cell Lines

We make most of the lab’s published (and some unpublished) reagents available on Addgene at Email us if you read about a reagent in one of our papers and can’t find it on Addgene (e.g. HDR donor oligos, in vitro transcribed sgRNAs).

All of our CRISPR stable cell lines for screening are available through the Berkeley Cell Culture facility. Contact Allison Killilea at for more information. Other cell lines described in our paper are available by direct request. Contact our lab manager Julia Chu to request a cell line.

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